Dragon voice recognition finally lands on Android, thanks to Swype

Nuance’s purchase of Swype, maker of an alternative keyboard for smartphones, is finally beginning to pay off with the introduction of Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition on the latest Swype Android app.

Swype’s software keyboard lets you swipe to type text, instead of hunting and pecking virtual keys. With its latest update, Swype has replaced Google’s built-in voice recognition for Nuance’s Dragon Dictate technology, which currently supports English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

Given that Dragon is the result of years voice recognition by Nuance, it will likely be far more accurate than Google’s solution. Dragon also powers the dictation capabilities in Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, which means that by installing Swype, Android users will have dictation capabilities similar to the iPhone 4S. (In my experience, Siri’s dictation has consistently been more accurate than Google’s.)

Aside from Dragon integration, the latest Swype version also lets you install new keyboard languages from inside its keyboard preferences. It also offers a better language modeling algorithm, which supposedly lets Swype better understand common phrases.

Earlier this week, Nuance announced that it will acquire its voice recognition competitor Vlingo, which could lead to some massive improvements in its dictation software down the line.

The updated app is available to all Swype users currently from within the app’s preference panel. You may already have Swype installed on your Android phone without even knowing it, but if not, you can download the Swype Beta software.

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Year-end stats for smartphones show iPhone is for games, Android is for apps


In 2011, the competition between Google Android devices and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) became heated. But as new year-end data shows, consumers turned to the iPhone to play games while they enjoyed broader apps on Android.

Clearly, the numbers show that iPhone consumers are using their devices for games, while Android users are using other kinds of apps.Xyologic, a research firm that indexes and search mobile app stores, reported that the number of app downloads on the Apple iTunes App Store for the top 150 titles in the U.S. more than doubled in 2011 to 97 million from 37 million a year earlier. On Android, the number of app downloads for the top 150 grew four-fold in 2011 to 125 million from 29 million a year earlier.

In the Apple App Store in the U.S., 100 of the top 150 downloads were games, while the remaining 50 were non-game apps. On the Android Market in the U.S., the number of games in the top 150 was 65. Game downloads on Apple outnumbered other apps by a three-to-one margin, or 71.5 million downloads for games versus 25.6 million for non-game apps. On Android, there were 91.5 million non-game app downloads, compared to 33.4 million game downloads.

On Apple, game “usage is mostly driven by game publishers who find Apple’s system working well for their business model,” said Matthaus Krzykowski, co-founder of Xyologic. [Disclosure: Krzykowski was formerly an advisor to VentureBeat and remains an occasional contributor.] On Android, payment issues held back game publishers from fully embracing the platform, he said. He said that the dominant form of monetization on Android is advertising, with less emphasis on free-to-play, where users play for free and purchase virtual goods with real money. Game publishers on iOS have shifted to the more lucrative free-to-play model.

Here are the top 25 downloaded publishers on Android in 2011, with links going to the traffic descriptions for each publisher.

GoogleFacebookRovioAdobeDroidHen CasualOutfit7Magma MobileGlu MobileGo Dev Team,Kittehface SoftwareSkypeNotesNikolay AnanievSwiss CodemonkeysNHN CorporationYahoo,HandcentPandoraAl Factory LimitedKaufcom Games Apps WidgetsVerizon WirelessRunnergames,Backflip StudiosPolarbit.

And here are the top 25 downloaded app publishers on the iPhone in 2011. All but one of these are game publishers (Burbn is the creator of Instagram).

Glu Mobile, GameloftBig Fish GamesRovioCapcomChilingoStorm8/(TeamLava), Outfit7Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts BVGamevilHalfbrick Studios, DeNa/(Backflip Studios/Ngmoco), Zynga/Newtoy,NaturalMotion, Pocket Gem/(Streetview Labs), TencentNimbleBitPopCapPlayforgeClickgamerCom2uS,BurbnOrangenose Studios.

Xyologic also released the November top download data for both the iPhone and Android. On iOS, Zynga’s Words With Friends free-to-play app was No. 1, with 3 million downloads, followed by Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift from Chillingo and 101-in1 Games by Nordcurrent. On Android, Facebook was the top app in November, with 5.3 million downloads, followed by Brightest Flashlight Free and Facebook Messenger.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sales ban lifted in rare Apple patent defeat

Summary: Samsung has won a rare patent battle with Apple in Australia, in an ongoing global legal war between the two tablet and smartphone giants.

Samsung is set to resume selling its Galaxy Tab tablets in Australia after a rare win against Apple in an ongoing, global patent dispute.

An Australian federal appeals court unanimously chose to lift the preliminary sales injunction that banned the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung will not be able to sell its tablets immediately in the region, however. A stay was granted on the order until December 2nd at 4 p.m. local time. While this will reduce its time on the market in the run-up to Christmas, it allows Samsung to gather its pace and issue stock to local retailers.

The ban will allow Samsung to participate in the highly-anticipated Christmas markets, one of the busiest times for shopping in the annual calendar. Though Australia’s market is not as large as Germany’s or that of the United States, it remains a key market for competing products, including the iPad.

A sales injunction forced Samsung to stop selling its Android-powered tablets in Germany earlier this year, and a court in the Netherlands forced the company to modify some of its smartphone models.

Apple has since filed a preliminary sales injunction request in Germany to force the redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1N off the shelves. Samsung has changed the appearance of the tablet to comply with Apple’s lawyers’ requests in a bid to circumvent the order.

While a rare victory for Samsung, where the seemingly one-sided war has seen Apple prevail in all but every jurisdiction it has brought a claim, it may not have significant impact on other cases around the world.

During the ongoing proceedings, it has been made clear that the Samsung range of tablets offers one of the greatest competitive threats to Apple’s iPad, though still a distant second in marketshare statistics.

It was only last week, Justice Lindsay Foster told the Australian appeals court that the initial preliminary sales injunction was “not terribly fair to Samsung”.

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Android activations

Earlier this month, Google announced that it was logging 550,000 Android activations a day, up from half a million in June and 400,000 in May, big numbers, obviously. Here’s an even bigger one: 700,000. In a post to Google+ this week, Android chief Andy Rubin said Google was activating an incredible 700K Android devices – from tablets to smartphones – every day, across the world.

That’s 400,000 to 700,000 in the space of a few months. So how long can Android sustain that kind of pace?


Not forever, obviously – there are only a limited amount of smartphone users in the world. Still, Android has continued to lurch forward at a pretty solid clip over the past year, besting Apple in both sales and app downloads. (Perhaps inevitably, Android has also become a magnet for malware. According to one recent report, almost all mobile malware created in the third quarter of 2011 was aimed at Android.)

The latest Nielsen report puts Android in first place in the US, with 43 percent of the market – six percentage points up from the previous report, and better than Apple, which logged 28 percent. In related news,Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently toldan Italian newspaper that Google will introduce abranded tablet computer in the next six months.

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Learning Android

Started learning android! Will see how this will progress. Curently I am going through android official documentation. My plan is initally create some good applications for Android. Then progress to Games! Hw is that?

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Adobe releases Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0

On Friday Adobe released the long-awaited Flash Player 11.1 for Android devices. This update brings Flash support to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it will be the last major version of Adobe’s mobile browser plugin.

The Adobe AIR 3.1 update will follow next week.

The announcement was made on the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Team blog:

We’re excited to announce the updated Flash Player 11.1 for Android devices, which will be followed by an AIR 3.1 update shipping next week. These introduce full support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), including the newGalaxy Nexus. These updates will be available on the Android Market.

After this release, there will be no more major updates for the Flash mobile browser plugin, with AIR taking it’s place. Adobe’s Tom Nguyen explains:

AIR 3.1 brings immersive, beautiful apps powered by Flash to iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry PlayBook, Barnes and Noble Nook tablets, and the Amazon Kindle Fire (whew!). As a developer, you can use Flash to create brilliant interactive experiences, games, and video and seamlessly deliver them to over 1 billion people: in the browser on 99% of PCs and via app stores to over 350 million iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

The most stunning, innovative content and games for mobile devices are delivered and consumed through apps. The most impactful, engaging experiences on the desktop are delivered through the browser. With Flash Player for desktop and AIR apps for mobile, Flash allows you to craft and deliver beautiful experiences for both.

Adobe Flash Player 11.1 update will be available for download via the Android Market and is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Flex dead? No.

Is adobe killing flex? certainly no. For now Flex is the only best solution to develop enterprise applications with good performance, high productivity and cross browser compatibility. As of now HTML5/JavaScript is no where near to a stage where developers can work with the same ease as with AS3. Enterprise developers can still use Flex/Flash (till HTML5 matures enough so that it can be used for enterprise applications) and open source Flex  SDK can continue to grow 🙂

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